Demystifying infectious disease modeling for high school students

March 2020 – Current

In March – July 2020, provided a series of online courses for high school students to understand epidemiology, infectious disease modeling, and how COVID-19 projection were computed. Advised students to perform SEIR models for the city/state/country they are in to demystify the spread behavior of COVID-19.

Mentored students who conducted independent studies during the summer of 2020 on the effect of social distancing and mask wearing on COVID-19 spread behavior. Mentoring a student on developing a website to educate peer high school students about COVID-19 vaccines, and demonstrate the effect of COVID-19 vaccination through modeling. See my students’ ongoing website here.

Playful interaction to increase awareness of traditional Chinese instruments

Sept 2020 – Current

Advising a high school student on creating an application to provide knowledge on traditional Chinese instruments, and developing interactions for the user to play these instruments. See my student’s ongoing work here.

Engineers Without Boarders Uganda Clean Water Program

Sept 2013 – May 2015

Built a borehole well with a solar pump in Oloo, Uganda. Collaborated and provided training for the community to maintain and repair the well to allow for sustainable use. Provided educational materials on water sanitation and health. Read our travel blogs here.