Fun Ubicomp-y Gadget

Those things I built that didn’t fit in my thesis flow :(, but still are essential parts of my research journey.

Skincelet: Delivering Social-Physical Interaction Through On-Skin Device

Social-physical interaction such as handshaking, handholding and hugging is an essential part of how humans communicate, collaborate, and interact with the world around them. Existing devices have explored ways to simulate social-physical interactions through wearable devices, ranging from clothes that hug the wearer, to wearable devices that deliver touching and stroking using vibrotactile actuation, gas chamber, or mechanical interaction. This project aims to explore novel ways to deliver social-physical interaction, leveraging on existing accessories with social significance that people already wearing. We chose to develop on-skin devices because they are close to the skin, non-obtrusive to wear, and can create an organic, human-like impression rather than a machine-like impression. We are developing Skincelet, a secondary-skin actuation device that delivers hand-based social-physical interaction. Ultimately, we aim to answer how we can design systems to deliver social support remotely and non-obtrusively as a mental health intervention.

CASPER: Capacitive Serendipitous Power Transfer for Through-Body Charging of Multiple Wearable Devices

A charging solution that augment everyday objects such as beds, seats, and frequently worn clothing to provide convenient charging base stations that will charge devices on our body serendipitously. We performed an extensive parameter characterization for through-body power transfer, present a design trade-off visualization, and demonstrated how we utilized this design process in the development of our own smart bandage device and a LED adorned temporary tattoo that charges at hundreds of micro-watts using our system.

Published in Ubicomp 2019

E-archery: Prototype Wearable for Analyzing Archery Release

A wearable archery training device system consisted of a glove and compatible Android app that detects archer’s hand motion, performs form classification, and gives feedback regarding the archer’s form.

Published in Ubicomp 2016 + Best Paper in the Wearable Sports Workshop

AirTech: Home-Use Lung Function Monitoring Device

Partnered with Micro-C, developed a lung function monitoring device for chronic lung disease patients that quantifies air flow rate and exhaled gas components, conducts test validity check, and automatically records test results to compatible iOS application.